What Will Your Legacy Be?

October 10, 2021

Fulcrum’s Legacy Society empowers members to continue their philanthropic priorities through estate planning. Donors can continue providing critical support to Catholic schools and students in the Archdiocese of Seattle for generations to come.

“Deciding what to include in our estate plans came down to hope for the future,” said Nick and Dana Questad, Legacy Society members. “What do we hope for the next generation? One of our guiding principles is passing our faith to our children. Catholic education is absolutely about academic excellence, but it’s also a profound opportunity to be immersed in our Catholic faith. Through Fulcrum, we found a way to live out our dream and make an impact for our neighbors.”

Legacy Society members can give through their estate in the following ways:

  • Bequest
  • Gift of a life insurance policy
  • Beneficiary designation of retirement assets or donor advised funds
  • Charitable trust

For more information about the Legacy Society, please contact us at info@fulcrumfoundation.org

Remaining faithful.

Rhoady and Jeanne Marie Lee were deeply committed to Catholic education throughout their lifetimes. Jeanne Marie passed away in January 2021, nine years after her husband’s passing in 2012. Rhoady and Jeanne Marie leave behind a long legacy of support for Western Washington Catholic schools, including Holy Names Academy, Seattle Preparatory School, Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart, and Seattle University.

Rhoady was posthumously awarded the Archbishop’s Award at the 2013 Celebration of Light for his dedication to Catholic schools. As members of the Legacy Society, Rhoady and Jeanne Marie left Fulcrum a $1 million gift from their estate, ensuring that their lifetime philanthropic support of Catholic education will continue far into the future.

Mike Lee, one of Rhoady and Jeanne Marie Lee’s children, said, “Throughout their lives, my parents consistently and generously supported Catholic education in the Northwest, and my mom steadfastly continued that support after my dad’s passing in 2012. They both believed deeply in the value of an excellent education rooted in faith and delivered in the supportive environment of a Catholic school. They knew that the influence of that education fundamentally influenced them and the lives of so many that received a Catholic education, and that influence then extended out into the communities in which they lived. They were thrilled to be able to see the great work that the Fulcrum Foundation does to increase access to this excellent education!”