Programs Overview

An Overview of Fulcrum’s Programs

Fulcrum impacts Catholic education in Western Washington through its many programs that fall within three major areas of support: for students, for schools, and for educators.

Supporting Students


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Susan Ocoma
Programs Director

Alana Bell
Becraft Scholars Program Director

Tuition Assistance
Catholic education changes lives. However, the expense of tuition excludes some families from attending Catholic schools. Fulcrum’s Tuition Assistance Grant Program (TAP) offers need-based assistance to families seeking a Catholic education for their children.

Families can apply for TAP financial aid every year for K-12 students. TAP increases access to Catholic schools and helps families afford the education that they want for their children.

Becraft Scholars Program
In partnership with the Ferry Family Charitable Foundation, the Fulcrum Foundation created the Becraft Scholars Program, an equity-driven scholarship program. Becraft Scholars provides a pathway of access to Catholic education while partnering with archdiocesan schools to foster a culture of belonging with a focus on Black and African American families.

The program is named after Sister Anne Marie Becraft, a young Black nun who founded the country’s first Catholic schools for Black children in 1827. Inspired by her work, the Becraft Scholars Program will recruit cohorts of 12 kindergarteners each year and make a nine-year commitment to their families to provide a $5,000 annual scholarship.

Supporting Schools


School Partnership Grants
The Fulcrum Foundation proudly supports Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Seattle through the School Partnership Grant Program (SPG). This grant program helps schools meet the needs of their students by providing critical funding during the school year.

Schools may apply for an SPG to fund capital improvement projects, purchase new technology such as laptops and smartboards, increase campus security, and more.

Early Childhood Education Grant Program

The Fulcrum Foundation Early Childhood Education (ECE) Grant Program supports early childhood education in Catholic schools throughout the Archdiocese of Seattle.

Made possible by the generosity of Fulcrum donors, the ECE Grant program supports schools in the following areas: teacher education and certification, facility upgrades such as playground equipment, and program supplies such as books and sensory toys.

Supporting Educators


Leadership Grants
The Fulcrum Foundation promotes excellence in leadership and teaching through the Educational Leadership Grant Program. Educational Leadership Grants support aspiring administrators and principals seeking principal certification or graduate-level degree programs.

Leadership Academy
In partnership with the Office for Catholic Schools, the Fulcrum Foundation created the Leadership Academy, a cohort-based, year-long leadership development program for new and aspiring principals.

The Leadership Academy offers courses in managerial, academic, spiritual, and strategic leadership which are taught by recognized Catholic school leaders and shareholders. Many Leadership Academy graduates become successful Catholic School principals in the Archdiocese of Seattle.

GRACE Program and the High School Instructional Leadership Program
In partnership with the Office for Catholic Schools, the Fulcrum Foundation created the GRACE (Guiding Regionally, Advancing Catholic Education) for elementary school teachers and the High School Instructional Leadership Program for high school department chairs.

Both programs develop strong instructional leaders who are also outstanding teachers. Teacher-leaders may remain in their classrooms or become school administrators while leading professional development at their schools.