Warmed By Our Community

February 25, 2019

Over the past two weeks, the Fulcrum team has been incredibly moved by the outpouring of compassion and support from the community following the cancellation of Celebration of Light. For the over 1100 attendees, the Celebration of Light is more than a fundraiser. It is an inspiring evening meant for celebrating Catholic education, community and our mission.

Even though the event was cancelled, our schools were closed and the snow continued to fall, we were embraced by the warmth of the community. The following is a sample of some of the messages of support that we’ve received from parishes, schools, donors and friends of the foundation.

“From an event planner’s perspective, I know what a tough decision this must’ve been. Appreciate all the hard work you put into this event and 2020 will be that much more epic!”
Beth Martin, Development Director, Holy Rosary School, Seattle

“We are so sorry you had to cancel what would no doubt have been a most beautiful and inspiring event. Thank you for all you do to ensure Catholic education for all.”
Vicki Rosellini, Fulcrum Supporter

“Thanks for writing a great letter after having to make a very difficult decision. All the work the Fulcrum team spent this last year in planning the event will be supported by most everyone who planned to attend the event. So, your efforts will be rewarded with all the contacts made for Celebration of Light. Please thank everyone for all their hard work! We will miss the great party with all of our friends.”
Ray Aspiri, Former Fulcrum Trustee

“Thank you for including me in the Celebration of Light email. While I am deeply saddened at the cancellation of the event, I was delighted by those who contributed so quickly. I am with you in spirit and prayer and also sending my contribution this week. Keep warm and alive with the greatness of your spirit of trust and faith.”
Sister Joyce Cox, Former Superintendent of Catholic Schools

“Fulcrum is instrumental in making economic, geographic, and cultural diversity possible in our school community. My teachers and I continue to benefit from the leadership development funded by Fulcrum. Thank you for raising funds and supporting all of the schools throughout the Archdiocese of Seattle. Onward!”
Susan Kilbane, Principal, St. Cecilia Catholic School, Bainbridge Island

“My tablemates and I look forward to receiving your request for donations after the event and will, of course, contribute financially to helping you leverage more funds for Catholic Education in Southwest Washington.”
Cathy Strader, Principal, St. Rose School, Longview

“I’ll not only be donating the amount we’d budgeted I’ll be adding in what we’d pay for parking, the drinks we usually have afterwards, the cost of dry cleaning my dress and throw in more for the hosiery I don’t have to wear tonight!” Gretchen Swanson, Fulcrum supporter

“I am so sad to hear the news of the cancellation. The biggest part of my sadness right now is for all of you. I know how you have poured your hearts and souls into this event and how hard, creatively, and long you have worked on it. I know that your work would have paid off in a spectacular evening. So, I am sad—for us that we do not get to experience your party and for you that you do not get to see the fulfillment of your work. I would have been impressed by the event, I know. But, I want you to know that, even without the event, I am no less impressed and amazed by or appreciative of your work and dedication. Thank you for what you do for Fulcrum.”
Phil VanDerhoef, Fulcrum Trustee