Vivian to Young Catholic Professionals: “God Is Always With You”

June 1, 2023

“No matter where you are in your life, you aren’t ever alone. God is always with you, even at your jobs. He knows what is coming for you and is preparing the path to it.” 

This was just some of the advice that Vivian Shannon, Fulcrum’s executive director, shared with the Seattle chapter of Young Catholic Professionals (YCP) at the inaugural Executive Speakers Series event on May 9. 

Vivian shared poignant moments of her life and faith journey with a crowd of 60 people. She advised listeners to pay attention to God’s signs as a guide, just as she did when stepping into her role as executive director of Fulcrum. 

“God gives each one of us signs all the time. We aren’t meant to navigate the challenges of life alone. The Holy Spirit opens paths and doors that we never see coming or expect. Our hearts need to trust God,” said Vivian.  

Fulcrum welcomed the new Seattle chapter of YCP earlier this year. The national organization, which provides networking and fellowship opportunities for young professionals practicing the Catholic faith, began in 2010 and kicked off its Seattle chapter in March 2023. 

Fulcrum will continue partnering with YCP, including a networking event with the Fulcrum Board of Trustees on September 20, where young professionals can meet with Fulcrum’s board members, learn more about Fulcrum’s mission, and engage with established professionals in the Catholic community. 

“I know that at your age and the stages of life you are in, there are so many things that can pull you away from your faith or from going to Mass regularly,” Vivian told the gathered crowd of young professionals. “You have stressful jobs, maybe young families, aging parents, depressing headlines…oh, and there was that thing called COVID-19. So many stressors. And those things can make it really, really easy to detach from church, your communities, and your faith. Yet, here you are tonight. You are a member of this amazing organization and that must mean you are listening to the Holy Spirit. You are allowing God to work in your life and for that I say, ‘bravo you!’”