Uplift Campaign Crosses the Finish Line!

July 18, 2022

Article from our 2022 Summer Fulcrum News

Uplift: The Fulcrum Campaign for Catholic Education blew all expectations out of the water and raised an incredible $87 million in support of Catholic schools, students, and educators in Western Washington! 

Fulcrum started the comprehensive campaign in 2015 with the goal of raising $66 million. The campaign had two phases—the silent phase from 2015-2020, which raised $47 million, and the public phase from 2020-2022, which raised $40 million. 

The outstanding success of Uplift was only possible with the heart-led, intentional work of the campaign chairs, volunteers, and the board of trustees. Fulcrum thanks campaign chairs: Joe and Jenn Sprague, Shawn and Kathie Hoban, and Tom and Margaret Hoban; the steering committee: Tony Audino, Michelle Audino, George Hofbauer, Shelley Hovind, Annemarie Kelly, Steve Knight, Mike and Mary Lee, Justin Luger, Kathleen McKay, Gavin O’Brien, Charlie Pollnow, Sheila Ryan, Reverend Steve Sallis, Beth Toomey, and Scott Ventoza; and the honorary chairs: Dick and Sharon† Abrams, Peg Haggerty, David and Shelley Hovind, Jeanne Marie Lee†, John and Donna† Luger, Chuck and Yvonne Pigott, Reverend Stephen C. Rowan, Very Reverend Michael G. Ryan, and Joe and Jenn Sprague. 

The generosity of Fulcrum donors will ensure that essential programs like tuition assistance, as well as new programs established through the campaign such as Building Leadership Capacity, the Early Childhood Education Grant Program, and the Becraft Scholars Program, can continue to grow and thrive in the coming years. 

“This campaign will fuel the future,” said Tony Audino, chair of the board. “It will uplift the families and schools we serve, laying the groundwork for the future of Catholic education in the Archdiocese of Seattle.”

Best Wishes as Uplift Director Julie Coleman Moves On

With truly grateful hearts, Fulcrum bids the fondest of farewells to Julie Coleman, managing director of the Uplift capital campaign. Julie joined Fulcrum in 2018 as the interim executive director. Her exemplary leadership oversaw a time of growth for the foundation. Even after Vivian Shannon took over as executive director, Julie remained part of the Fulcrum team to help with the capital campaign. 

“It’s impossible to overstate the difference Julie has made in so many lives,” said Vivian. “She truly believes in Fulcrum’s mission and the power of Catholic education. Her leadership, faith, and passion are boundless gifts. We have been so lucky to have her at Fulcrum and we wish her nothing but the best as she moves on to the next adventure!”