Turning the Corner: Fulcrum’s Life-Changing Grants

March 3, 2020

Past or present, one thing stays the same: Fulcrum leverages support for schools.

Through the School Partnership Grant program, the Fulcrum Foundation will partner with Our Lady of the Lake (OLL) School in Seattle to build a new preschool playground.

“Active outdoor space is critical to supporting healthy childhood development,” said Daniel Mullen, the principal of OLL. “Once again, Fulcrum is making an investment in OLL that’s directly supporting our future.”

This isn’t the first time Fulcrum awarded OLL a partnership grant. In 2006, during a time when OLL was struggling with low enrollment and emergent repairs to the facilities were needed, Fulcrum provided a helping hand.

Tom Maguire, a parish councilmember in 2006, recalled how Fulcrum’s grant helped OLL turn the corner.

“The leadership within the parish, the school, and Fulcrum all worked together,” Tom said. “I had three children go through school at OLL. I’m a product of Catholic education myself. You know how Catholic schools are—everyone chips in and supports each other.”

The 2006 grant funded capital improvements, including roof repairs—which were all part of OLL’s five-year development plan. The grant was matched by the parent and parish community at the annual auction that year, and the school gained hope for the future.

More than 10 years since the original grant partnership, Fulcrum will lend its support once more.

“The Fulcrum Foundation truly lives up to its name. It leverages the hope for Catholic education into tangible support that has made a profound difference for OLL and schools across our archdiocese,” said Daniel. “What is so impressive about working with Fulcrum is that the spirit of support for our schools is so genuine and deeply felt by everyone who works there.”