The McNairs

February 4, 2023

Miles McNair learned firsthand the difference that Catholic education could make. 

“I attended St. Francis and I guess I always wanted to send my kids there because I had such an amazing experience,” said Miles. “I made life-long friends and had the support of the community. I had kids really young and as my daughter started getting older, I just kept thinking that I really wanted to send her to St. Francis too.” 

However, the cost of tuition at a Catholic school can make enrollment a challenge. “As a young parent, you don’t always have the same funds and financial security,” Miles said. “We tried to allocate as many funds as we could to provide this education for our children, but we still needed a little help. We applied for a Fulcrum grant and a St. Francis grant.” 

Miles’ daughter is now entering first grade at St. Francis, supported by Fulcrum’s Tuition Assistance Grant Program. Miles plans to enroll his son in kindergarten at St. Francis next fall. 

“I really love the school and I’m so proud to see [my daughter] there. It’s a dream to send her to the same school I went to, to see her grow up and do all the things I got to do.” 

“The Fulcrum grant goes a long way for people who want to give their kids an amazing education, but can’t necessarily afford it,” said Miles. “Thank you for your support. All of this is for the kids. You might not understand what it’s doing, but you are really helping out. I know St. Francis because I went there. I know the education and the community, and I know it will develop my kids the right way. I just want to give a huge thank you to Fulcrum supporters. The donations go a long, long way. Even if you don’t see it right away.”