The Hardens

February 4, 2023

St. Francis School was the right choice for the Harden family for a lot of reasons. 

“We chose St. Francis for several reasons, including religion, a better learning environment, improved student safety, more individual attention to my child, and we also have family that attend St. Francis,” said Lisa Harden. Her daughter, Jayla, now a seventh grader, has attended St. Francis since kindergarten. 

“Our favorite part about the school community is the amazing kindness and a true sense of belonging,” said Lisa. “Through the events and activities of the school and church, we have made many new friends and reconnected with old friends.” 

The Hardens first learned about the Fulcrum Foundation from a close family friend when they began their school search for their daughter. They turned to Fulcrum for financial assistance, helping Jayla remain in the thriving St. Francis school community. 

“I was so excited to receive a tuition assistance grant,” said Lisa. “Times have been hard financially and I was really worried that I could not afford St. Francis for [Jayla’s] eighth grade year. I have received a grant from Fulcrum in the past and it helps out so much.” 

“Being part of such a loving and caring community has helped mold my daughter into a kind, bright, and adventurous young lady,” said Lisa. “Without assistance, I would not be able to send her to St. Francis. I am so grateful for all of the donors and their amazing generosity. I never thought I would ask for help from other people, but I have learned through all of this that we are a community that works together for the good of everyone.” 

Lisa and her daughter give back to the community by volunteering. Lisa said Jayla enjoys the volunteer work.  

“Thank you, everyone!” Lisa added. “I feel so blessed to receive a Fulcrum grant and be part of an amazing community.”