The Chairman’s Leadership Breakfast

October 4, 2023

photo of Leadership Breakfast

The Chairman’s Leadership Breakfast held on September 13 brought together Fulcrum board members and major donors to receive an update on the state of Catholic schools in Western Washington and to celebrate the incredible work Fulcrum has accomplished through the generosity of its donors.

“I want to begin by thanking you for the faith, for the hope, and for the love you have for Catholic education,” said Nicholas Ford, superintendent for Catholic schools during his report. “Your belief is what makes this possible; it’s what fuels the Fulcrum Foundation, which in turn makes Catholic education more accessible for over 1,300 students annually, while supporting all of our students through capital improvements through School Partnership Grants and investing in our Catholic school leaders, teachers, and staff.”

Nicholas was one of many speakers at the event held at the Seattle Tennis Club, including Chair of the Board Tony Audino, Fulcrum Executive Director Vivian Shannon, and Advancement Director Amy Hall.

“We wanted to celebrate the work we have accomplished with the help of our partners,” Vivian said. “None of this would be possible without the donors who give so selflessly to our mission. Fulcrum is making a real impact on our Catholic schools and it is all thanks to you.”

Over breakfast, Fulcrum’s major and planned giving donors received updates about Fulcrum’s work, the Celebration of Light, and learned about the current state of Catholic schools. Nicholas outlined several key areas, such as aging infrastructure, tuition costs, and teacher retention, as priorities for Catholic schools in the coming years.

“This event was an incredible success,” said Vivian. “I am so proud of the work Fulcrum has accomplished and we are looking forward to what the future brings next. Our donors are truly our partners in this work and we are grateful to have them beside us as we continue to fulfill our mission in the Archdiocese of Seattle.”

To learn more about how to partner with Fulcrum, contact Amy Hall, advancement director, at or 206.226.5679.