The Caos

February 4, 2023

Phinomena Cao’s son transferred to St. Francis in third grade. She said she noticed a difference immediately. 

“Since the first year my son went there, he loved it. He told me he likes the school because the teachers, the principal, and even the students are very smart and very nice. He loves the challenge,” Phinomena said. 

Phinomena and her family have received two grants from the Fulcrum Foundation through the Tuition Assistance Grant Program. “We try our best to support our kids’ futures, but it can be a lot! We are so thankful for the financial aid and the help from Fulcrum.” 

Phinomena said she encourages her son emulate the generosity at the heart of Catholic education by giving back to the community whenever they can. 

“We are so appreciative and thankful for this program. You have helped us a lot. Since I put my son in St. Francis, I can see this big change in him,” Phinomena said. “He has a great teacher who teaches my son how to be responsible and respectful and so many things that we want for him. We want our kids to learn from this example of giving back to the community. I always tell my son, when you grow up and have the ability to help others, you have to pass it along.”