Site Visit: Our Lady of Fatima Parish School, Seattle

April 17, 2020

Although the Fulcrum Ambassador Program has suspended site visits due to COVID-19, our ambassadors are eager to share their stories and personal reflections about their visits to our incredible Catholic schools.

Our Lady of Fatima, Seattle
By Bridget Cooley

“The Lord works in mysterious ways.”

I realized that I had to start a new life chapter after the loss of my husband, including where I sat at Sunday Mass in St. James Cathedral. That is where Shelley Hovind welcomed me every Sunday (our husbands had worked together) and eventually told me about the opportunities as a volunteer at Fulcrum, including the Fulcrum Ambassador Program. She invited me along on my first ambassador site visit to Our Lady of Fatima.

It was a beautiful, crisp morning and on the way there, Shelley informed me that we would be meeting Fulcrum’s new executive director, Vivian Shannon. The team arrived to find we each had our own personal student guide to lead us into Mass with the entire school. My guide was the nicest, most well-behaved young man I’ve ever met named Giovanni. Each student guide was so protective of “their” ambassador! As I watched these young children in their uniforms file into church, I couldn’t help but remember being at Mass every morning in my uniform at Sacred Heart School as a young girl and it reminded me of the importance of putting God first every day.

The round table discussion was after Mass and I felt myself become totally engaged! I began a conversation with Vivian Shannon. She told me about her incredible family, including a son who had started flight training. Her family story caught my attention, especially the son who was flying. Selfishly, that morning I had wanted to fly my plane, but knew it was more important to begin my involvement with Fulcrum and the Ambassador Program.

God works in mysterious ways. I am now a backup instructor for Vivian’s son and officially taking flight as a Fulcrum Ambassador hoping to share with others all that Fulcrum can do!

It was quite a day!

Bridget Cooley is a close friend of Fulcrum and is the newest member to the Fulcrum Ambassador Program. The team is excited to welcome Bridget and is looking forward to take off, when the program resumes in fall 2020.