Our New Mission

November 15, 2022

After almost two years of dedicated review, Fulcrum unveiled its new vision, mission, and value statements, defining how the foundation will launch itself into the future. 

“Fulcrum must actively do more to make sure we know who we are and what we are working to accomplish, meeting the emerging needs of all children and families in Catholic schools,” said Tony Audino, chair of the board. 

The Fulcrum Board of Trustees and Fulcrum staff worked closely with Archbishop Paul D. Etienne to keep the foundation’s stated values in line with the important work being done in the Archdiocese of Seattle. 

“As we approached Fulcrum’s 20th anniversary, the board knew it was time to implement a review of Fulcrum’s programs to ensure that we were staying true to our core values,” said Vivian Shannon, executive director. “After a lot of thoughtful and deliberate conversation, we decided to change our mission and vision statements to more accurately reflect our purpose in the community. The new vision and mission will help guide Fulcrum’s programs into the next twenty years of giving.” 

Fulcrum continued the strategic planning process with an in-depth review of all programs run by the organization. The intentional process ensures that Fulcrum’s programs are serving the Catholic school community in the most impactful way possible. 

“Ever since our founding, Fulcrum’s purpose has been to serve,” Vivian said. “The needs of our Catholic schools grow and change each year and Fulcrum needs to be ready to meet those changing needs. We are humbled by the responsibility we hold to the community and will do everything in our power to help those who need it most.”


Guided by Catholic values and beliefs, we envision a world where vibrant and innovative Catholic schools offer hope and pursue the common good.


Fulcrum strengthens the vitality, excellence, and sustainability of Catholic schools through funding and thought partnership.


One Human Family

• Informed by our Catholic faith, we act in communion with all. 

• We serve everyone—all races, genders, abilities, cultures, faiths, sexual orientations, and backgrounds.


• We increase access to Catholic education, especially for those furthest from educational justice.

• Dignity, respect, and belonging are core to everything we do.


• We leverage and grow talent and treasure to ensure Catholic schools thrive into the future.

• We honor our donors and supporters through transparency and integrity.

This article is from the Fulcrum Foundation 2022 Community Report.