Office for Catholic Schools Coordinates Media Advertising

March 28, 2018

Social media has played a significant role in our partnership with the Office for Catholic Schools. The OCS recently completed a pilot program to enhance awareness of Catholic schools in the Archdiocese through various social media targeting. They worked with four of our schools, improving web design and presence with intentional outreach in their respective areas. After an 11-week advertising pilot of schools with historic enrollment challenges, 81 new students were enrolled over the summer of 2017. Our shared, overarching goal is to increase student enrollment in Catholic schools. The following testimonials further show the impact of this pilot.

“Without a doubt, this campaign (pilot) was a catalyst for our enrollment. We had many in our neighborhood admit that they didn’t know we were here until they saw our ads!”
-Holy Family Bilingual Catholic School, Seattle (23 enrolled)

“It was exciting to be part of this campaign. It created a buzz in our community while parents, grandparents, and alumni families organized around it. We are completely rethinking how we spend our marketing dollars for media advertising because of the reach of this campaign!”
-Assumption Catholic School, Bellingham (18 enrolled)