New Mission and Values Launch Fulcrum Into the Future!

July 11, 2022

“Fulcrum must actively do more to make sure we know who we are and what we are working to accomplish, meeting the emerging needs of all qualifying children and families in Catholic schools.” 

This forward-looking announcement, made by Fulcrum Board Chair Tony Audino, publicly shares the board of trustees’ tireless work to evaluate and restate the foundation’s mission, vision, and values.  

These intentional, identifying statements have been born out of a years-long process to evaluate the foundation’s purpose and programs. The strategic planning process began in 2020, led by Fulcrum Board of Trustees Members Regan Hurley and Mike Ronan, and Executive Director Vivian Shannon.

“As we approached Fulcrum’s 20th anniversary, the board recognized it was time to implement a review of Fulcrum’s programs to ensure that we were staying true to our core values,” said Vivian. “After a lot of thoughtful and deliberate conversation, we decided to change our mission and vision statements to reflect our purpose more accurately in the community. The new mission and vision will help guide Fulcrum’s programs into the next twenty years of giving.” 

Throughout the process, Fulcrum worked closely with Archbishop Paul D. Etienne, keeping the foundation’s new mission in line with the important work being done in the archdiocese. 

Fulcrum’s strategic planning process is dynamic and will continue with in-depth program reviews to ensure that the foundation is meeting the needs of families in Catholic schools for the next 20 years and beyond.