More Than Just a School

September 29, 2019

For the Losh Family, the first day of school means returning home. Catholic schools are more than just schools; they’re communities.

At St. Joseph Catholic School in Seattle, the community brings students back long after graduation.

Casey Losh, class of ’87, and his wife Kristin send their three children to St. Joe’s. Casey still has life-long friends from St. Joe’s and was excited to send his kids there.

“I just think St. Joe’s provides a great education, but it also instills values that helps your kids be passionate, intellectual, and caring for other people,” Casey said.

“We saw how many staff and teachers at St. Joe’s are alumni of the school and that really spoke volumes,” Kristin added. “This school fosters such goodwill in its students that they want to come back and work there!”

One such teacher is Kelda Byrne, class of ’09, who teaches 5th grade at St. Joe’s.

“Every time I interviewed at a school, I compared it to St. Joe’s. I just realized St. Joe’s was my dream school,” Kelda said.

“The school has changed with the times while maintaining its Catholic traditions,” Kelda continued. “There’s still this sense of community amongst the teachers and families. I think it’s cool that St. Joe’s can keep up with all the changes in education while keeping the core values that make it so special.”