Mission Moment: Forever Grateful

November 1, 2018

During this time of thanksgiving, we wanted to share some direct quotes from our school parents. We hope you are as touched by them as we are.

“Without the commitment of the Fulcrum Foundation, my daughter would not have had an opportunity to be the great young woman she is today by allowing her to remain in the Catholic school system. I have endless appreciation and am eternally thankful for what the Fulcrum Foundation has done for my family.”
-Parent, Our Lady of Guadalupe School and Kennedy Catholic High School

“Without Fulcrum my children would not be able to receive this blessing of the Catholic school system. I am a struggling single mother with wonderful children that deserve the very best and a fair chance and that should have nothing to do with my income or lack thereof and with the Fulcrum program that’s exactly what my kids are able to experience. Abundantly grateful!”
-Parent, St. Therese Catholic Academy and O’Dea High School

“I’m very grateful that the Fulcrum Foundation exists. Without it, I’m sure my child wouldn’t be able to attend a Catholic school.”
-Parent, St. Therese Catholic Academy

“I’m so thankful for the work of the Fulcrum Foundation and the diversity of economies that it brings to our school. It is a gift to have friends from all economic backgrounds so to more deeply understand the impact on societal and government decisions on the underrepresented. Thank you for your work.”
-Parent, Bellarmine Preparatory School

“I’ll always be grateful for Fulcrum with all the years you have helped us. Thanks for the opportunity of a Catholic education for my kids. Faith is something they have learned. Hope you will continue doing this especially for people like us who don’t have enough. May God continue to bless your organization.”
-Parent, Visitation Catholic STEM Academy

“We feel so blessed to have you as the supporter for our children’s education and faith. We sincerely thank you for your love and support. May God bless you.”
-Parent (no school listed)

“The assistance we receive is what allows us to afford the tuition we are able to pay. We have a large family on a single, modest income. Without the Fulcrum Foundation’s support and the help from our church and school we would be unable to allow our children the education in a religious environment that they enjoy so much. Our children are our future. My wife and I try very hard to invest in them so they will grow to be studious, productive, God-loving adults. Thank you for assisting us in that process.”
-Parents, St. Anthony School