Mission Moment: A Call to Leadership

May 1, 2019

She conquered the classroom. Now, Teresa Day, a third grade teacher at St. Anthony School in Renton, is ready for a new challenge: becoming a vice principal.

“I thought I would be in the classroom my whole career,” Day said. “But now I feel the call to broaden my impact to the whole school.”

Day heeded the call by joining the GRACE (Guiding Regionally- Advancing Catholic Education) program, where she works to build agency and collaboration between teachers.

But her journey didn’t end there. Day enrolled in the Fulcrum Foundation’s Leadership Academy and is now pursuing a principal certification from Seattle University. Day recently accepted the position of vice principal at St. Therese Catholic Academy.

“My identity as a leader has matured and grown over the last year due to my work with the Leadership Academy and my graduate program,” Day said. “It is my hope and mission to eventually pursue a principal job within the Archdiocese of Seattle. Until then in my newly accepted role as vice principal, I will continue to learn and grow as a leader by working closely with my network of mentor principals.”

Kaitlyn O’Leary, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction for the Archdiocese of Seattle, said it has been “a joy to watch Teresa grow in her leadership through the Leadership Academy, GRACE Program, and her graduate work.”

“As a leader, she is focused on academic excellence, and knows how to build positive and supportive relationships with her peers that lead to effective collaboration for student learning,” O’Leary said.

“Every day in our school we are asking our students to grow as learners. I believe the same should be true for teachers and leaders,” Day said. “Growing and changing can be challenging, but it is through challenge that we learn the most.”

“God has blessed me abundantly during my principal preparation program by leading me to the right people and the right places, all in His perfect timing,” Day said. “I know I am ready for this next step of my leadership journey because I didn’t walk it alone. My gratitude to all those who shared my journey is limitless.”