Kick Back, Relax, & Read!

May 24, 2023

Your friends at the Fulcrum Foundation and your local Catholic school want to remind you learning doesn’t have to stop just because school is out for the summer. Remember to find some time to read and dive into a world of adventure! 

Staying motivated to read can be challenging, especially when the sun is out. “Students and parents should read every day—together or on their own,” said Jeanne Flohr, librarian and vice principal of St. Bernadette Parish School. “Public libraries have fun reading programs for students and adults, so take advantage of your local library’s collection and expand your reading horizons over the summer!”

Here are a few more summer reading tips from Amy Lee-Despard, a teacher at Saint Cecilia Catholic School

  1. Read together. Choose a book with your child and read it at the same time. Find some time at dinner or even in the car to discuss the book as you both read it. I did this with my son for many years and have very fond memories of reading and discussing The Lord of the Rings Trilogy when he was in middle school. My son is now 30 years old and we still talk about books together.
  2. Set a challenge. My students have a summer reading challenge to read 6-12 books. Set an appropriate goal for your child to reach with a fun reward for reaching that goal! Rewards could be a simple outing or treat of some kind for each book finished or set number of books read.
  3. Visit your local library. Taking kids to the public library regularly over the summer is a great way to encourage them to read. Many libraries have summer reading programs with prizes for kids who read a set number of books.
  4. Form a book club. Our school suggests that students form book clubs over the summer. A group of students choose a common book, then get together four or five times over the summer to discuss it as they read. This promotes both reading and positive peer interactions during the summer months.

Need some book ideas to get started? Here are a few recommendations from the librarians at our local Catholic schools:  

Books for preschool and pre-K:
Room for Everyone — Naaz Khan
Aaaligator! — Judith Henderson 
Giant Pants — Mark Fearing

Books for grades K-2:
Beak and Ally — Norm Feuti
The Old Man and The Penguin: A True Story of Friendship — Julie Abery
Ten Beautiful Things — Molly Beth Griffin

Books for grades 3-5:
Monster and Boy — Hannah Barnaby
Mr. Penguin — Alex T. Smith
Mac B. Kid Spy — Mac Barnett

Books for grades 6-8:
Da Vinci’s Cat — Catherine Gilbert Murdock
Malamander — Thomas Taylor
The Boys Who Challenged Hitler — Phillip Hoose

Books for grades 9-12:
Death Comes for the Archbishop — Willa Cather
The Canyon’s Edge — Dusti Bowling
The Alchemist — Paulo Coelho

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