Fulcrum Welcomes New Board Members

August 31, 2023

The Fulcrum Foundation is excited to welcome three new members to the board of trustees: Ricardo Coronado, Stephanie Frey, and Sergio Hernández.

“Sergio, Stephanie, and Ricardo are amazing additions to our board of trustees. They understand the power and value of Fulcrum’s mission and have the vision and drive to help take Fulcrum to the next level,” said Vivian Shannon, executive director of Fulcrum. “We’re all very excited to have them on board and I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish together!”

Get to know Fulcrum’s new board of trustees members through our Q&A session!

What drew you to Fulcrum’s mission?

Stephanie: “I joined Fulcrum because the Catholic school education that I was fortunate enough to have my entire life made a huge difference in who I am today, and I want to do everything I can to provide that for the families and children that want a similar experience. Without my school community growing up, my life would look a lot different. I am grateful that my family has always supported the Fulcrum Foundation and that I now have the opportunity to do so as well.”

Sergio: “I was drawn to the Fulcrum Foundation because of a desire to help continue and shape accessibility to high-quality Catholic education. I am inspired by the openness and willingness of the foundation to adapt and evolve with the changing area demographics and with the needs of the community.”

Ricardo: “I am the proud father of two beautiful children. When our family arrived in the United States in 2012, my children were enrolled in a public school, where we had a positive experience. Having never attended a Catholic school back in Mexico, my exposure to Catholic education was quite limited. Over time, as I began to connect with more individuals and participate in the community within our local parish, I observed a distinct quality in the children of our friends who were attending Catholic schools.

Motivated by this observation, my wife and I made the decision to explore Catholic education for our own children. The transformation we witnessed in our kids was nothing short of remarkable. We observed not only academic excellence but also the cultivation of discipline, faith formation, and a comprehensive development that we had not encountered previously. Upon joining the school community, we found an inclusive environment representing diverse walks of life that immediately felt like a welcoming home. This transition proved to be a pivotal and transformative moment for our family.

Driven by this profound experience, I aspire to contribute to an organization that can extend such opportunities to anyone interested. I firmly believe that this endeavor aligns with Christ’s calling for our family to take meaningful action.”

What are you most excited about for your tenure on the Fulcrum board?

Stephanie: “I am most excited to learn more about what we can do to further support the schools and their communities and to bring awareness of all the good the Fulcrum Foundation does to a wider community.”

Sergio: “I am most excited by the possibility of helping individual students and families achieve their goals through a more accessible Catholic education system.”

Ricardo: “I am truly honored to have the opportunity to collaborate with such an exceptional team at Fulcrum, as well as with fellow board members. I am enthusiastic about the prospect of learning, contributing, and providing support to make Catholic education accessible to all those who desire it.”

What do you hope to accomplish on the board?

Stephanie: “I hope to support the board with a younger perspective on the issues impacting our schools and communities today and help Fulcrum in any what that I can to grow.”

Sergio: “I would like to increase the impact of student funding from pre-kindergarten through high school through a data-driven strategy that is not limited to a one-size-fits-all approach. I would also like to help create impact measurement tools so we can better engage with donors and perhaps broaden that donor base.”

Ricardo: “I am a first-generation Mexican immigrant, and I made a radical transition in my career from the technology sector. Along the way, I have had the opportunity to volunteer and work with teenagers, young adults, and young couples. As a devoted father of two and a committed husband, I believe that my diverse experiences provide an invaluable perspective to the board. My ultimate goal, however, transcends personal experiences. I am dedicated to making a meaningful impact on the expansion and enhancement of our Catholic schools. My vision encompasses not only improving the quality of education but also enriching the lives and professional development of the dedicated teachers who contribute to these institutions.”