Fulcrum Welcomes Amy Hall as New Advancement Director

July 5, 2023

The Fulcrum Foundation is pleased to introduce our new advancement director, Amy Hall! Born and raised in Seattle, Amy is a product of local Catholic schools. Amy has spent nearly 20 years in development roles in the Archdiocese of Seattle at the school level, including at Bishop Blanchet High School, Kennedy Catholic High School, and Christ the King. 

Please join us in welcoming Amy and enjoy this open letter from Amy to our Fulcrum supporters:

I knew the power of the Fulcrum Foundation long before I ever applied to become the new advancement director. 

I knew it when I worked at Bishop Blanchet High School, at Kennedy Catholic High School, at Christ the King—when I would sit across from parents who needed just a little bit of help and tell them that they would be able to send their child to the school of their dreams because of Fulcrum’s Tuition Assistance Grant Program. 

I knew it when I saw our local Catholic schools transformed by Fulcrum’s School Partnership Grant Program through a playground or new flooring or even new technology in the classroom. 

I knew it when I saw educators stepping up to lead, both within the classroom and in their school communities, because of the training they’d received from Fulcrum programs like GRACE (Guiding Regionally, Advancing Catholic Education) or the Leadership Academy. 

I know it now, having just started my tenure at Fulcrum, as I begin to meet all of you—the incredible partners who make this work happen every single day. You may not know the scope of all the lives you have changed by supporting Fulcrum’s mission, but I do. I’ve seen it. I’ve lived it. And on behalf of all those you have helped I say thank you. I am humbled and honored that I will get to serve all of you in this role and that we will be able to deepen our partnership together. 

Part of my role here at Fulcrum is helping our board of trustees carry out their incredible vision for Fulcrum. I am so excited to dive into this work and to help ensure that we are building a pathway for Catholic schools to become more affordable and accessible. I believe in a future where our Catholic schools truly reflect the beautiful diversity of our local communities and where no family is turned away because of needs beyond their control—financial or otherwise. As Catholics, we are called to serve all people and I believe in this call with all my heart. Together, I think we can build Catholic school communities where all are welcomed and valued as children of God. 

This vision is a huge part of what drew me to Fulcrum in the first place. This foundation is an enormous force for good in our community, all because of our dedicated and passionate partners, our donors. It is a true joy to be working alongside you and being a conduit to changing lives. Together, I know we can go the distance and make this bright future we envision a reality. 

People sometimes ask me if working in development is difficult. I tell them the truth. I tell them that it is a joy and a blessing to witness the astounding generosity that so many people hold in their hearts. I tell them that it is beyond humbling to know that I have played a small part in changing lives. In many ways, this job embodies all that Fulcrum is—a lever between those who seek to help and those who need it.  

Thank you for the privilege of serving in this way. I look forward to getting know each of you as we strive toward a beautiful future for the students and families in our Catholic schools.