Fulcrum Scholar Spotlight: Ruth Zekariase

June 29, 2018

Four years ago, Ruth Zekariase was a freshman at Kennedy Catholic High School and a guest speaker at the Fulcrum Investors Forum Breakfast. Ruth is a Fulcrum scholar and spoke to the impact of Catholic School education. Kennedy Catholic High School was her school of choice but the tuition was out of reach for her immigrant parents.  The Fulcrum Tuition Assistance Grant gave Ruth the opportunity to not only attend the school of her choice but to thrive in her areas of interest, especially science. Recently, Ruth graduated from Kennedy Catholic High School and was accepted to Seattle University, receiving a full tuition scholarship as a Sullivan Scholar; she was recognized for her academic excellence, willingness to serve and exemplary leadership skills.

Ruth is planning to pursue a degree in cell and molecular biology and hopes to apply to medical school and achieve her dreams of becoming a physician.” I am passionate about serving others and using my gifts to impact people’s lives for the better. Through medicine, I wish to be an advocate for my patients and a voice for all forms of health disparities present in our healthcare systems today.”