Fulcrum COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund Impact Report

May 3, 2021

Thanks to the generosity of Fulcrum’s incredible donors, the Fulcrum COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund has disbursed over $4.6 million in funds to 63 schools.

During the first round of funding, which awarded grants from August 2020-January 2020, every school in the archdiocese was eligible for a $60,000 grant. The second round of funding, disbursed at the end of April 2021, helped schools with additional unmet needs for the 2020-2021 school year.

Schools used their COVID-19 Fund grants to cover tuition assistance for families, PPE to protect staff and students, new technology to meet the challenges of remote learning, and capital improvements to accommodate social distancing requirements.

As a result, all Catholic schools have maintained safe in-person and remote learning spaces throughout the school year.

At St. Cecilia Catholic School, Principal Susan Kilbane used their first round Fulcrum COVID-19 Fund grant to meet the instructional needs of her students, while maintaining the school’s Catholic identity in these difficult times.

“The Emergency Relief Fund supported the purchase of additional Chromebooks,” Susan said. “As a result, we have Chromebooks for every student in third through eighth grade and class sets for our kindergarten through second grades to use as needed.”

The school also purchased Smartboards, projectors, document cameras, and hand sanitizing stations. Susan explained how the new technology allowed students to attend Mass while observing safe social distancing practices. “In a typical year, all students attend weekly school Mass, sitting with their grade-level buddies. Due to COVID, classes attend Mass in person once per month. Now, teachers and students have the opportunity to click to their Smartboards and the entire class is able to watch Mass on the big Smartboard screen.”

Thanks to the selfless giving of Fulcrum supporters, Catholic schools like St. Cecilia have overcome the difficulties of the pandemic with grace and strength.

“Our teachers have continued to learn and grow by reflecting on what works and what needs further work,” Susan said. “We engage in a growth mindset in real time. We have been back in school since October. Students participate in all the health and safety mitigation strategies and they arrive each day with great energy for learning. The joy in our school is palpable every single day.”