Fulcrum Continues Moving Forward

April 30, 2020

Despite COVID-19, it’s full steam ahead for Fulcrum.

The Fulcrum Foundation’s office has gone fully remote, finding new ways to hold meetings and keep programs up and running for the schools, teachers, students, and parents who need them most.

“We started making changes to do things digitally a few years ago and it has really paid off,” said Fulcrum Programs Director Susan Ocoma. “Our board of trustees met completely virtually in March and we’ve been holding committee meetings on Zoom.”

Fulcrum’s earlier transition to the digital workspace means that the grant-making process is moving forward without issue. The foundation’s Diversity Committee recently finished making funding recommendations for the Building Diversity and Inclusion Grant Program, completing the work entirely online for the first time.

“It’s all still happening,” Susan said about Fulcrum’s grant programs. “We’re finding new ways forward. We’re dealing with a lot of the same issues that all of the parents and families out there are dealing with: working remotely, helping our kids with school, caring for children. We’re all making it work!”

“We’re still fundraising, we’re still giving support,” added Conne Bruce, Fulcrum advancement director. “We’ve been sitting in on regional Zoom calls with the principals. We’ve spoken to each one and are hearing firsthand how this crisis is impacting them and the teachers. It is truly humbling. Our partnership with the Office for Catholic Schools has also never been stronger. We keep asking: how do we use our own resources to support them and the schools above and beyond what we normally do?”

Compiling education technology tools for teachers, working on virtual recruitment campaigns for school staff, and partnering on weekly virtual meetings to support schools with marketing, enrollment, and development are just a few of the ways Fulcrum has answered that question. The foundation has also stepped up to help schools by providing best practice guidelines on how to fundraise during this crisis.

“There are amazing things that are coming out of this,” Conne said. “One of them is that Catholic schools and Fulcrum are leaning on each other. We will help each other through this and our partnership will continue to be strong as we jointly support the schools in our Archdiocese.”