Fulcrum Community Makes Uplift Campaign a Huge Success!

June 30, 2022

Uplift: The Fulcrum Campaign for Catholic Education raised an astounding $87 million for Catholic schools, students, and educators.  

The campaign began in 2015 with the goal of raising $66 million. The campaign’s silent phase from 2015-2020 raised $47 million. The public phase from 2020-2022 raised an additional $40 million. 

Tony Audino, chair of the board, and Vivian Shannon, executive director, officially brought the campaign to a close at the 20th Anniversary Celebration of Light at T-Mobile Park. 

“It’s a true honor and joy to share this special moment with you, as we sunset the campaign we’ve been working on for seven years,” Tony said to Celebration of Light attendees. “This comprehensive campaign will fuel the future. It will uplift the families and schools we serve, laying the groundwork for the future of Catholic education in the Archdiocese of Seattle.” 

Uplift was a comprehensive campaign, meaning every dollar donated to Fulcrum was counted toward the fundraising goal. The meteoric success of the campaign would not have been possible without the full-hearted support of Fulcrum’s donors, the leadership of the campaign chairs, and the behind-the-scenes work of Julie Coleman, managing director of Uplift, and Conne McGlynn Bruce, advancement director.  

“We have faced many hardships over the past few years,” said Vivian. “There have been many moments where pulling away would have been easy. But despite the difficulties and the distance, the Fulcrum community reached out and said yes over and over again. Your generosity is an inspiration and will make all the difference as we lay the groundwork for future generations in Catholic education.” 

The campaign will fund essential programs like tuition assistance and leadership training. It has also funded the creation of new programs like Building Leadership Capacity, the Early Childhood Education Grant Program, and the Becraft Scholars Program. 

“Thank you for remaining faithful, for giving beyond yourselves, for stretching to support the greater Catholic school community and the educational needs of the children and families Fulcrum serves,” said Tony.  

A special thank you to: 

Campaign Chairs: 
Joe and Jenn Sprague 
Shawn and Kathie Hoban 
Tom and Margaret Hoban 

Campaign Steering Committee: 
Tony and Michelle Audino 
George Hofbauer 
Shelley Hovind 
Annemarie Kelly 
Steve Knight 
Mike and Mary Lee 
Justin Luger 
Kathleen McKay 
Gavin O’Brien 
Charlie Pollnow 
Sheila Ryan 
Reverend Steve Sallis 
Beth Toomey 
Scott Ventoza 

Honorary Chairs: 
Dick and Sharon† Abrams 
Peg Haggerty 
David and Shelley Hovind 
Jeanne Marie Lee† 
John and Donna† Luger 
Chuck and Yvonne Pigott 
Reverend Stephen C. Rowan 
Very Reverend Michael G. Ryan 
Joe and Jenn Sprague