Fulcrum Announces Tuition Assistance Grants for 2024/25

April 2, 2024

group of students working

Fulcrum is honored to share that over 1,900 grants have been awarded for the 2024/25 school year through the Tuition Assistance Grant Program (TAP). The grants total nearly $2.7M in assistance to students attending schools throughout the archdiocese. Donations to Fulcrum make this possible, and every donor should take immense pride in knowing their support will have a tangible, life-changing impact on 1900+ deserving students.

Fulcrum increases access to Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Seattle by providing tuition assistance grants to students and families based on financial need. Tuition assistance grants help open the door to an excellent Catholic education in partnership with the family and with their Catholic school.

The total number of grants offered for next year represents a significant increase over previous years. The increase is due to the generosity of the Edmonds family and their newly established tuition assistance fund at Fulcrum.

Every year, Fulcrum receives beautiful notes of gratitude from students and families when grants are announced. Messages such as those below are continual reminders of the difference Catholic education makes on every student.

“I cannot begin to describe how much it means to my family and me to receive a Fulcrum grant. This grant will help me continue being a part of this community of students that I am so attached to. Thank you!” –Fulcrum TAP Recipient

“I would like to thank you kindly for the 2024-25 tuition assistance grant you have awarded me and my family. This grant is extremely appreciated, and it feels amazing to know that there are people outside my four walls that are wanting to see me succeed and believe in me.” –High School TAP Recipient

To learn more about supporting the Tuition Assistance Grant Program, please contact Advancement Director Amy Hall at amy.hall@fulcrumfoundation.org or call 206.226.5679.