​COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund Impact Report

June 8, 2021

Article from our 2021 Summer Fulcrum News

The Fulcrum Foundation COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund has disbursed over $4.6 million in funds to 63 schools. This unprecedented effort to support schools through the COVID-19 pandemic was made possible by the inspiring generosity of Fulcrum donors who came together as a community to make a difference for Catholic schools, educators, and students in the Archdiocese of Seattle.

In March 2020, Governor Inslee closed school buildings to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. As schools moved to remote learning platforms, the Fulcrum Board of Trustees approved a COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund, releasing $1 million from investments to establish the fund.

“Fulcrum wanted to remove some of the burden and uncertainty for schools in the 2020-2021 school year,” said Vivian Shannon, executive director of Fulcrum. “We were overwhelmed by the response from our donors, who proved once again the strength and resilience of our Catholic community!”

The aid sent to archdiocesan schools made an enormous impact. “When Fulcrum shared the details of the COVID-19 Relief Fund with the principals, many described this fund as ‘manna from heaven!’” said Kristin Dixon, the superintendent for Catholic schools. “Truly, we are so very grateful for the work of the Fulcrum Foundation on behalf of our schools during these extreme times.”

Archdiocesan schools were given a broad scope to determine their funding priorities. COVID-19 Fund grants helped cover tuition assistance for families, PPE to protect staff and students, new technology to meet the challenges of remote learning, and capital improvements to accommodate social distancing requirements.


How did Our Lady of Lourdes School use the COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund grant?

“We used the COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund to provide the best education possible while meeting the COVID-19 protocols. With the ability to follow the teacher around the classroom, Swivl cameras improved participation and interactivity, plus the ability to accommodate students at home. With extra staffing, we were able to bring both cohorts back into school.”

What would you like to say to Fulcrum donors who made the COVID Fund possible?

Here are some quotes from Our Lady of Lourdes parents about the effects of the COVID-19 Fund:

“Looking forward to the continued positive effects on attitude and effort. Socialization has lifted his spirits. Much happier and excited about school. Homework has become easier.”

“The hybrid model has helped tremendously with social growth, and that is what the spring (of 2020) was lacking. I think OLL has found a good balance between social opportunities and safety.”

“My daughter is much better now that she is in school a couple of days a week. The stress of being home was very hard on her. She thrives in the school environment.”

Catholic schools have overcome so many things this year. What are you most proud of your school community accomplishing this year?

“We are most proud of two aspects: our MAP scores and our service during this time.

Our most recent MAP scores showed every grade scored above the national norm in every subject area. Our students have remained engaged, thriving, and successful, even the students who remain at home. We have also completed various food drives and a Lent service project delivering water bottles to our neighboring school.”


How did Seton Catholic use the COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund grant?

“Seton Catholic remains extremely grateful to the Fulcrum Foundation for their generous COVID-19 relief grant this past fall. Since September, Seton Catholic has been open for hybrid learning, inviting at first 50% of the students to campus each day for in-person learning. Beginning March 1, Seton Catholic welcomed 75% of its student body daily and then on April 12, 100% of students could attend in-person learning if comfortable.”

What would you like to say to Fulcrum donors who made the COVID Fund possible?

“The words ‘thank you’ in no way express just how grateful we are to the donors who have made these COVID-19 relief grants possible for our school. The anxiety and stress that melts away from our administration because of these funds creates a sense of relief in an always-changing academic environment. From our community in Vancouver, WA to everyone who supports the Fulcrum Foundation, thank you for your sacrifices to support our Catholic schools in Western Washington.”

Catholic schools have overcome so many things this year. What are you most proud of your school community accomplishing this year?

“At Seton Catholic, we are most proud of our students, faculty, and families who have persevered and created the best school year possible for our community. In some ways, our school has not missed a beat with the programs that we have offered to our students. As a Catholic high school, it has given our administration and staff such joy to be able to see our students each day and to know that they have the opportunity to learn and be engaged with each other in a normal-ish high school environment.”

Even as more Americans gain access to the life-saving vaccine, the global toll of the pandemic continues. As of May, 150 million COVID-19 cases and 3.15 million deaths were reported worldwide. We must continue to take care, follow safety protocols, and look out for one another.

The rollout of the Covid-19 Emergency Relief Fund swiftly unfolded with the help of focused efforts on behalf of the archdiocese, the Office for Catholic Schools, and the Fulcrum Foundation.