Celebration of Light 2023 Sets New Fundraising Record!

February 3, 2023

Pictured above, are the gala’s masters of ceremony, Dave Mayer, Director of Early Childhood Education in the Office for Catholic Schools, and a Fulcrum Foundation Loaned Executive. and Sheelagh Carleton, Early Childhood Education Director and Instructor at St. Cecilia Catholic School, Bainbridge Island.

The Celebration of Light 2023 was a spectacular success! Thanks to the heart-led generosity of Fulcrum donors, Fulcrum’s primary fundraiser raised a record shattering $3.32 million!

Guests were welcomed into the Sheraton Grand ballroom for the first time in three years. From the moment the doors opened, the Celebration of Light was a magical night, full of love and hope for our local Catholic school communities. It was a heart-warming experience to gather with so many Fulcrum friends, both old and new, with a shared purpose.

The evening’s program featured distinguished speakers such as Archbishop Paul D. Etienne, Chair of the Board Tony Audino, Executive Director Vivian Shannon, and Superintendent for Catholic Schools Nicholas Ford.

“I get to share the Fulcrum story locally, but I get to share it nationally as well,” said Nicholas during his speech. “And when I share it with my colleagues nationally, I recognize in a different way just how unique the Fulcrum Foundation is, how blessed we are by the vision that was established 20 years ago…Fulcrum truly has set, what I believe, is a gold standard.”

During the event, Dick Abrams, a long-time supporter of Catholic schools, was presented with the prestigious Archbishop’s Award. Dick has been instrumental and actively engaged in creating Fulcrum’s Early Childhood Education Endowment and has made supporting Catholic education a priority throughout his life.

“[I] say a prayer to the Holy Spirit: kindle in us the fire of Christ’s love. It is a fountain of powerful inspiration,” said Dick Abrams. “Why the focus on early childhood education? Most simply because 90 percent of human brain growth occurs by the age of five and, in today’s society, so many children need a healthy environment for brain formation [and] development of basic mental, emotional, spiritual, and social circuitry.”

Thank you to all Fulcrum supporters who believe in supporting children from early childhood to high school graduation in local Catholic schools. You are the reason that so many children in Western Washington receive the life-changing gift of a Catholic education.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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