Celebrate Black Catholic History Month

November 1, 2021

Created in 1990, Black Catholic History Month celebrates the saints and souls of Africa and the African Diaspora.

Black Catholics have had a profound—yet often unrecognized—impact on the formation of the United States and the U.S. Catholic Church. Black Catholic History Month gives Catholics a chance to reflect and learn about the contributions of Black and African American Catholics, many of whom overcame systemic and sustained prejudice about their race, gender, and religion throughout their lives.

The Fulcrum Foundation recognizes diversity, equity, and inclusion work as an essential part of our mission to increase access to Catholic education. Through initiatives like the Becraft Scholars Program, the Building Diversity and Inclusion Grant Program, and educational leadership grants, Fulcrum seeks to create a culture of inclusion in all Catholic schools.

Learn more about the history of Black Catholics in America in the resources below: