Catholic School Tuition

January 10, 2022

Catholic School Tuition

One of the differences between Catholic schools and public schools is that Catholic schools charge tuition. Like other private schools, Catholic schools do not receive funding from the state to cover the cost of educating students. Tuition covers the overhead costs of running a school, including teacher salaries, building maintenance, and school supplies.

The cost of Catholic school is still less than other private institutions. The cost of tuition varies depending on the location of the school and education level. However, private, non-Catholic schools charged an average of $7,630 for elementary schools and $16,0401 for secondary schools in 2021. By comparison, Catholic schools charged an average of $4,840 for elementary schools and $11,240 for secondary schools in the same year.

Tuition Table 2021 figures

Catholic Tuition Near Me

Catholic school tuition differs from school to school, city to city. Factors that may contribute to tuition differences are location, size of the school, area cost of living, and education level. The Archdiocese of Seattle includes 72 schools from Bellingham to Vancouver. Each school sets its own tuition rate depending on some of the factors listed above.

To see a list of schools and learn more about individual tuition rates, visit the Archdiocese of Seattle website.

Paying for Catholic School

A common question for parents interested in Catholic education is, “Is Catholic school tuition tax deductible?” Unfortunately, the answer is no. Catholic school tuition is not tax deductible on federal income taxes.

However, families applying to Catholic schools have several options when it comes to tuition assistance. All Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Seattle offer some form of tuition assistance. Prospective families should reach out to the school administrator to find out whether they qualify for financial assistance and how to apply.

Families may also turn to outside sources for scholarships and tuition assistance. The Fulcrum Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that operates in Western Washington. Fulcrum’s mission is to increase access to Catholic education in the Archdiocese of Seattle for all families. One of the key pillars of Fulcrum’s mission is tuition assistance.

Through programs like Fulcrum’s Tuition Assistance Grant Program (TAP), families can receive financial aid for their children in elementary and secondary school. The TAP program only considers need when assessing applicants. In the 2020-2021 school year, Fulcrum awarded $3,019,000 in tuition assistance to students across Western Washington.

To be a part of Fulcrum’s life-changing mission, donate now using the link below. Thank you for making a difference and supporting Catholic education in Western Washington!

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