Becraft Scholars Program Milestones

February 9, 2023

Founded in 2020, Fulcrum’s Becraft Scholars Program is an equity-based, relationship-centered scholarship program that prioritizes students furthest from educational justice, with a focus on Black and African-American children. This innovative program is making a huge difference in local Catholic schools in Western Washington. Learn how Becraft got its start!

Summer 2020 
Richard Ferry proposes a new type of scholarship program in response to the murder of George Floyd and the renewed call for racial justice. The Ferry Family Charitable Foundation reaches out to the Fulcrum Foundation to partner in this vital work.  

“In the summer of 2020, after the murder of George Floyd, our country experienced a transfiguration moment—a brief period where we saw our systems and our neighbors in a different and better light. It was a national moment of clarity. Becraft Scholars was founded that summer with the mission of letting that moment make a permanent impact on our schools and on our Church. We wanted to make a response that lasts more than a moment.”
—Quentin Orem, executive director of the Richard and Maude Ferry Foundation 

Fall 2020 
The Fulcrum Foundation, in partnership with the Ferry Family Charitable Foundation, forms the Becraft Scholars Program, which will award cohorts of 12 Black and African-American students an annual scholarship of $5,000 from kindergarten-8th grade. The program is named after Anne Marie Becraft, one of the first Black American nuns who courageously educated Black children. 

“The Becraft Scholars Program has been a piece missing from Catholic schools that will promote equity and greater accessibility to our Catholic schools for those who will most benefit from education in our learning communities. The program has the potential to make a great impact on all schools and students in the entire Archdiocese of Seattle. I am looking forward to the future of this program in our schools!” 

—Larkin Temme, principal of Holy Family Bilingual Catholic School 

February 2021 
The Becraft Scholars Program launches its first cohort under the leadership of Program Director Alana Bell. Becraft students enroll in five partner schools: St. George Parish School, St. Therese Catholic Academy, St. Paul School (now St. Paul Early Learning Center), Holy Family Bilingual Catholic School, and Visitation Catholic STEM Academy (now Pope St. John XXIII STEM Academy).  

“Through the lens of equity and access, Becraft Scholars will provide a holistic solution to serving students and families while centering inclusion, partnership, and community. In the spirit of our namesake, Anne Marie Becraft, Becraft Scholars will be a pathway of access to education and faith for years to come.” 

—Alana Bell, Becraft Scholars program director 

August 2021 
Becraft accepts its second cohort of students. The program continues building community with Becraft families through events like the first annual Becraft Back-to-School Picnic at St. Therese, virtual family engagement nights, and more. 

“Community means a place where my kids and I can belong and be our whole selves—where we can flourish and thrive; share and connect; feel supported and also support. A diverse community creates awareness of different cultures that you wouldn’t get anywhere else. When we can create collective spaces with mindful, compassionate experiences, we can enrich our lives.” 

—Sierra Jones, Becraft Scholars parent 

September 2021 
Northwest Catholic Magazine writes a feature article on the Becraft Scholars Program, bringing the program’s innovative mission to a wider audience. 

“It is not enough to simply provide scholarships without ensuring a loving and caring environment where students and families can thrive. When students enter school, they deserve to be understood for who they are and supported to be the best version of themselves. Parents and guardians deserve to feel welcomed and seen as key partners in their children’s education.” 

—Alana Bell, Becraft Scholars program director  

August 2022 
Becraft Scholars welcomes its third cohort to the program, bringing the total of Becraft students up to 35. 

“Fulcrum and the Becraft Scholars address inequity through fostering access, excellence, and belonging in Catholic schools. Access helps more students and families experience Catholic education. Excellence sustains and enhances an education that provides students the best chance for life-long success and purpose.”  

—Bob Breshock, former Fulcrum board member and long-time Fulcrum supporter