Becraft Scholars Program Director Alana Bell Featured on ZTwins Radio

November 17, 2022

Becraft Scholars Program Director Alana Bell spoke about Fulcrum and the Becraft Scholars Program on the ZTwins radio show on Nov. 15. “We are a comprehensive organization that’s focused on sustaining the vitality and excellence of Catholic schools,” Alana said of Fulcrum. 

As a guest on the “King County Health Equity & Opportunity Hour,” Alana explained how Fulcrum’s innovative Becraft Scholars Program sets students up for success. “We take 12 kindergarten students each year. Those kids attend four partner schools that are part of the archdiocese and we provide them with an annual scholarship of $5,000. But on top of that, we are really building strong connections with each family.” 

“Our schools are receiving these families because they want a Catholic education, even if they’re not Catholic,” Alana said. “There is something really magical about a Catholic education and the value formation that occurs…There’s a sense of being connected, of being known, of really deep purpose, and knowing we all have something to give and we all have a purpose to serve.” 

Alana also thanked all the donors who support Fulcrum’s mission and make programs like Becraft Scholars possible. “Every donor matters, every dollar matters,” she said. “We couldn’t do this alone…We’re just incredibly grateful for the folks who have made Fulcrum a priority in their giving.” 

“I feel a lot of joy in this work,” Alana added. “There’s something to be said for using your gifts to support and serve others. I personally believe we are called–that we all have different gifts and that we are all called to use those gifts in service.”