Becraft Scholars: More than a Moment

October 4, 2022

The Becraft Scholars Program celebrated its success and illuminated the program’s next steps in an event for Fulcrum supporters and donors on September 15 titled “Becraft Scholars: More than a Moment.” 

“In the summer of 2020, after the murder of George Floyd, our country experienced a transfiguration moment—a brief period where we saw our systems and our neighbors in a different and better light. It was a national moment of clarity. Becraft Scholars was founded that summer with the mission of letting that moment make a permanent impact on our schools and on our Church. We wanted to make a response that lasts more than a moment,” said Quentin Orem, executive director of the Richard and Maude Ferry Foundation. Quentin was an integral part of forging the partnership between Fulcrum and the Ferry Family Charitable Foundation to begin Becraft Scholars in 2020.  

The event highlighted the importance of building community to foster belonging for all Becraft students and families. As the program heads into its third year, Fulcrum hopes to further engage the Fulcrum community in this innovative and life-changing scholarship program. 

“Fulcrum and the Becraft Scholars addresses inequity through fostering access, excellence, and belonging in Catholic schools,” said Bob Breshock, a former Fulcrum board member and long-time Fulcrum supporter. “Access helps more students and families experience Catholic education. Excellence sustains and enhances an education that provides students the best chance for life-long success and purpose.” 

“Becraft does this with a focus on belonging,” Bob continued. “Without focus, true access and excellence are not achieved; we are missing something—we are not whole—and all students, schools, and parishes will lack the much-needed talents and perspectives of this community.”