Announcing a New Amici

August 6, 2021

As COVID-19 pandemic restrictions lift, Fulcrum has begun planning for new outreach opportunities in the fall. As part of a marketing effort to engage new audiences, work is underway to rebuild Amici, Fulcrum’s young professional program.

Kendra Reiser, the new program chair, began the process by setting up a focus group to help determine the new direction of Amici. An enthusiastic group of young professionals met with Kendra and Fulcrum team members at a local bar and grill to answer questions and share ideas.

“We were thrilled with the energy and enthusiasm from our first focus group meeting,” Kendra shared. “We learned so much and plan to build on the ideas generated by the group.”

The meeting clearly demonstrated the community’s interest in and commitment to engaging with and serving archdiocesan schools. With the support of Fulcrum, Amici will continue to partner with schools in the area and provide extra hands for special projects. There will also be regular social events around the city for Amici members to fundraise, build community, and provide networking and mentorship space.

Moving forward, Kendra plans to meet again with the focus group to finalize the Amici program mission and action plan. “We are excited to get the program finalized and recruit new members with the support of Fulcrum!” Kendra said.

If you are interested in learning more about Amici, please visit