A System-Wide and Career-Long Investment

November 3, 2017

Great leadership is key to the success of any organization—including Catholic schools. That’s why Fulcrum is working with the Office for Catholic Schools to tackle principal turnover—roughly 20% annually in the Archdiocese of Seattle—and build a first-of-its-kind program to identify, develop and support the very best leaders for our Catholic schools. This new “Principal Pipeline” is aligned with the latest research on leadership development programs in four of the top-performing education systems in the world.

NCEE Policy Brief

NCEE Full Study

A recent study by the National Center on Education and the Economy (NCEE) confirmed that the top-performing education systems in the world are making strategic investments in leadership development with the following common components:

  1. … reflects a vision for all schools in their system
  2. … trains leaders to manage professional learning organizations
  3. … ties leadership development to problems of practice
  4. … builds skills for a dynamic work environment
  5. … continues throughout a leader’s career

The “Leadership Pipeline” for current and aspiring Catholic school leaders in the Archdiocese of Seattle was launched 3 years ago, and has grown to include teacher-leaders, aspiring principals, first-year principals, and established school leaders in year-long and cohort-based professional development. Sessions are tailored to the unique spiritual, academic, and managerial responsibilities of Catholic school leaders here in the Archdiocese of Seattle, and are deeply rooted in Catholic identity. Do you know someone with leadership potential? Do you know an experienced leader who would be willing to speak to or mentor these aspiring principals? Contact Kelly Surapaneni, Coordinator of Leadership Development.