A Light For Catholic Education

January 6, 2021

Article from our 2021 Winter Fulcrum News

Fulcrum’s 19th annual Celebration of Light is just around the corner!

While we wish we could meet in person, we are proud to offer an inspiring online experience for our supporters in Western Washington and beyond!

Your support and attendance are essential to Fulcrum’s success and our ability to help Catholic schools, educators, and students.

Donations made at the Celebration of Light fund Fulcrum’s main pillars of giving: tuition assistance, school partnership grants, and leadership development. Your generosity directly impacts over 20,000 students in the 72 schools that make up the Archdiocese

of Seattle.

Catholic education changes lives. By participating in the Celebration of Light, you are part of this legacy and Fulcrum’s mission to provide an excellent, faith-filled education for all children.

In the past, your support at the Celebration of Light has brought upgraded technology and internet to schools, helped educators cultivate new leadership skills, and allowed countless families to send their children to Catholic school.

But our work is not yet done. Please continue being a li