A Beautiful Blessing of Fulcrum’s Theiline Scheumann Guardian Angel Memorial

March 3, 2023

Theiline (Ty) Scheumann lived her life as an advocate for Catholic education. Throughout her life, Mrs. Scheumann partnered with the Fulcrum Foundation to change the lives of countless Catholic school students and families. Mrs. Scheumann believed whole-heartedly in Fulcrum’s mission and joined Fulcrum’s Legacy Society, including Fulcrum as a beneficiary of her estate.  

In 2021, Mrs. Scheumann decided to expedite her estate gift, giving a truly transformative donation of $11.4 million to Fulcrum in support of local Catholic schools and students. 

Sadly, Mrs. Scheumann passed away on December 30, 2021.   

“My mom believed strongly in the value of Catholic schools and the education they provide,” said Lee Rolfe, daughter of Mrs. Scheumann. “She understood the lasting importance of a good education and the essential nature of cultivating motivated and enthusiastic students and teachers.”  

In honor of Mrs. Scheumann’s generous heart, and all the lives she changed, Fulcrum partnered with Holy Family Parish and School in Kirkland to create a permanent guardian angel memorial in the Holy Family School children’s garden, as Holy Family had been Mrs. Scheumann’s family parish and school.   

The child-sized granite memorial represents what a guardian angel Mrs. Scheumann was, is, and will be to generations of children in local Catholic schools throughout Western Washington, thanks to her extraordinary generosity to the Fulcrum Foundation.   

Surrounded by Holy Family students and many of Mrs. Scheumann’s family members, Bishop Frank Schuster blessed the memorial in a special dedication ceremony on Jan. 31, assisted by the Holy Family pastor, Fr. Bryan Dolejsi.   

Holy Family students added much to the spirit of the dedication, singing songs in the open air of the garden and reading a special responsorial for the blessing:   

“Christ our Priest, your angels light the way for our bright futures. We thank you for Mrs. Scheumann’s generous heart that lives on in all Catholic school students, as we walk hand in hand with our guardian angels into the future.”  

Mrs. Scheumann’s guardian angel memorial will permanently stand watch over two park benches in the children’s garden at Holy Family. The garden is often used for science classes and is a place where students cultivate vegetables and flowers that bloom and grow with the seasons, now under the watchful eye of a very special guardian angel.   

The legacy of Mrs. Scheumann will live on in the Catholic schools she supported with her whole heart. Fulcrum is honored to be a part of this legacy. 

For more information about Fulcrum’s Legacy Society, please contact the Fulcrum team at 206.219.5826 or email info@fulcrumfoundation.org