2020 Community Report: COVID-19 Response

November 1, 2020

Supplemental content for our 2020 Community Report’s “Academic Year In Review”

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Fulcrum’s donors have made all the difference in Catholic schools across the Archdiocese of Seattle.

When school buildings closed this past spring due to the pandemic, Fulcrum’s Board of Trustees took action, approving the COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund for immediate financial relief. The board seeded the fund with a $1 million infusion from Fulcrum’s own reserves.

In the first few months following the creation of the COVID-19 Fund, Fulcrum raised approximately $3.5 million for Catholic schools in need.

The first rounds of aid were awarded in August and accompanied by more disbursements in the following months. As of October, Fulcrum has granted over $1.88 million in essential funding to 28 schools to cover tuition assistance, purchasing essential equipment—including new technology—and creating safe classroom spaces. More schools are already working on their applications. Fulcrum will continue to award funds twice a month as the year progresses.

Each school in the archdiocese may apply for up to $60,000. Fulcrum will allow additional funding requests as the COVID-19 Fund grows.

Watch an interview with Principal Anton Kramer of Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic School and Kristin Moore, the Fulcrum-funded director of marketing and enrollment for OCS, as they talk about COVID-19, the new school year, and how Fulcrum donors have made all the difference for Catholic schools!