2020 Community Report: Ambassador Program—A Reflection

November 1, 2020

Supplemental content for our 2020 Community Report’s “Academic Year In Review”

A reflection written by Sheila Ryan, Fulcrum ambassador

I served on Fulcrumʼs Board of Trustees for six years and currently serve on the Uplift campaign board. My interest in staying connected to the Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Seattle brought me to the Fulcrum Foundation Ambassador Program.

It is truly one of the most important ways to stay connected to Fulcrum’s mission.

For three years, I have served as a Fulcrum ambassador, living out the team’s mission to visit each of our 72 schools in the archdiocese, listen to the stories of students and faculty, and see the new ways our schools are working to achieve the same goal—nurturing faith-filled students to learn and grow in their academic and spiritual lives.

I have enjoyed each visit for its unique community. The stories from students, parents, and faculty were inspiring. Many of the students presenting were receiving Fulcrum tuition assistance. No two schools were the same, and yet, communication among the presidents, principals, and teachers of different schools was happening throughout the archdiocese—teachers and mentors sharing ideas about how to reach all students in creative and interesting ways.

When I was first asked to write a reflection I thought, well this will be easy. But this past spring, everything changed—for all of us, forever.

I have had so much time to reflect and I believe this is our moment: a distinct opportunity to choose what is important, how and where to spend our time, and decide what is meaningful.

I am sure you remember when you attended Catholic schools or sent your children or grandchildren to Catholic schools—the memories conjure up so many feelings and stories.

Or maybe you are supporting Fulcrum, but never attended Catholic school. My invitation to all of you is to lean in to this moment and find a way to get involved. Speaking with members of the Fulcrum ambassador team and engaging with school communities will surely get you energized about our Catholic schools.

Reach out to a school community, listen to their stories, and see for yourself how hard each one works for every student, staff member, and family.

I am truly thankful for my Catholic education, instilling in me love, service, and compassion for all. I feel very hopeful about what is to come, because I know our Catholic schools and communities are working together to make a better future.