2020 Community Report: Access to Opportunity—A Reflection

November 1, 2020

A letter written by Archbishop Murphy High School TAP recipient Alishia Nichols and her mother, Aida Nichols, to the Fulcrum Foundation

Dear Fulcrum Foundation,

Archbishop Murphy High School has been great with the way it dealt with the COVID-19 situation. They have not only found ways to make sure students are still getting a good education, but they are also making sure that we still all feel connected to each other.

It is so important for me to get a religious Catholic/Christian education because I grew up with a Christian family and I want to grow stronger in my Christian values and that is what AMHS is providing to me. I am learning so much through the theology and learning more in-depth about the Catholic religion. It has opened my eyes to a whole new world of information and interesting history.

Through Zoom meetings and using Moodle, AMHS has made the transition from in-person to online so easy for many students. I have had no problems with contacting my teachers, getting homework done online, and understanding the material. My mother thinks I am more disciplined online now than I ever was with in-person learning.

The TAP donations have been helpful toward me and my family. My father is currently unemployed and is planning to finish his degree, my sister is starting college at the University of Washington, and my mother has been furloughed on and off throughout the summer, so finding the funds to send me to AMHS has put a financial burden on the family. Your financial support has been very helpful to me and allows me to continue at AMHS during this difficult time. I sincerely appreciate your past support and for your continued support in the future. I am happy to be in AMHS to further my belief and my education. I thank you again.


Alishia Nichols and Aida Nichols