2019/20 Annual Drive

October 30, 2019

YOU can help create more first days of school for students in Catholic schools by partnering with us in our More First Days Annual Drive.

As this new school year launches, more than 1,800 students in our community are experiencing the life-changing gift of a Catholic education with the support of tuition assistance grants from the Fulcrum Foundation. This powerful moment in their lives is possible because of Fulcrum supporters like you.

The spirit of God and our shared Catholic faith are alive in every Catholic school classroom. The potential to learn and grow within this safety net is nothing short of profound. Our exceptional student outcomes produce responsible business and community leaders who continue to give back and help others. With a 99% high school graduation rate, the results of a Catholic education are real.

We have more work to do. Last year alone, 63% of the requested tuition assistance grants were unmet.

We need your help and so do the children and families we serve. Your gift can help us to give more students that first day of school that lays the foundation for a hopeful future, from the first day and onward.

Make a gift today! Your gift will bring hope and positively impact the future of students and families in Catholic schools.