20 Years of Fulcrum: The IT Network Modernization Program

July 26, 2022

This article, originally published in the Summer 2017 Fulcrum News, is part of our “20 Years of Fulcrum” series. 

In 2017, Fulcrum launched the IT Network Modernization Project, which sought to improve network infrastructure at all Catholic schools in the archdiocese. This critical program had far-reaching consequences, allowing all schools to quickly switch to remote learning when the pandemic hit in March 2020. Read more about the IT Network Modernization Project here. 

Fulcrum Snapshot: 2017 

Executive director: Anthony Holter 
Total Tuition Assistance Disbursed: $2.2 million 
Total School Assistance Disbursed: $1.9 million
Total Leadership Training Funding Disbursed: $29,000