20 Years of Fulcrum: Celebration of Light 2012 Raises More Than $1,092,000!

June 22, 2022

This article, originally published in the Fulcrum Foundation 2012 Spring Fulcrum Digest, is part of our “20 Years of Fulcrum” series. 

The Fulcrum Foundation united more than 1,100 supporters of Catholic education at the milestone tenth-annual Celebration of Light, the region’s signature event to celebrate and support Catholic schools. Each year, Catholic school supporters come together to honor the achievements of our schools and contribute to their continuing success. This year’s event raised an unprecedented $1.34 million, supporting Fulcrum’s mission to keep Catholic schools open and accessible to all. 

Fulcrum Snapshot: 2012 
Executive Director: Joe Womac 
Total School Assistance Disbursed: $1.3 million 
Total Disbursement since 2002: $20.5 million