20 Years of Fulcrum: Building Leadership Capacity

July 26, 2022

This article, originally published in the Fulcrum Foundation 2018 Community Report, is part of our “20 Years of Fulcrum” series. 

Fulcrum Foundation and the Office for Catholic Schools (OCS) are launching a seven-year strategic plan to build leadership capacity. It was through imagination and innovation that a robust program has been developed to identify, form, and retain transformational teacher-leaders and principals committed to serving Catholic schools. 

This past fall, with support from Fulcrum, OCS launched two teacher leadership programs: the GRACE (Guiding Regionally, Advancing Catholic Education) Program for elementary school teachers, and the High School Instructional Leadership Program for high school department chairs. Both programs develop strong instructional leaders who are also outstanding teachers. Many teacher-leaders will remain in their classrooms while leading professional development at their schools and others will choose to become school administrators. 

Fulcrum supports those who move to become school administrators through the Educational Leadership Grant Program. This program provides partial scholarships for aspiring administrators and principals to pursue degree programs and/or principal certification programs in educational leadership. These aspiring leaders also attend the Leadership Academy through OCS to learn about areas not covered in traditional principal and leadership programs related to Catholic school leadership. 

Strong principals and inspiring classroom teachers are essential to the success of every Catholic school. Fulcrum is committed to building leadership capacity in the Archdiocese of Seattle by investing in the development of high-quality teacher-leaders and principals, the very people who make our schools a beacon of hope for tomorrow’s world. 

Fulcrum Snapshot: 2018 

Executive Director: Julie Coleman 
Total Tuition Assistance Disbursed: $2.24 million 
Total School Assistance Disbursed: $1.12 million 
Total Leadership Training Funding Disbursed: $72,300