ZTwins Radio Talks Becraft with Program Director Alana Bell

August 22, 2022

Becraft Scholars Program Director Alana Bell was recently interviewed on the “Rhythm & News” radio show hosted by Chris B. Bennett, the publisher and editor of The Seattle Medium. Alana spoke about Fulcrum’s innovative scholarship program and how it is already working to increase equity in Catholic schools across the Archdiocese of Seattle for Black students. 

“I recognize the shoulders that I stand on,” Alana said. “For me, this is not a job. This is my life’s work. This is my vocation. I couldn’t be more honored to serve in this role.” 

“Rhythm & News” is a weekly public affairs program on the ZTwins Radio stations in Seattle. Alana was on the program to introduce the Becraft Scholars program to the ZTwins audience.

“In regards to what impact this is having in Catholic education: this is our work, this is our mission,” she said. “Catholic education is supposed to serve those furthest from educational justice. So, at the heart of our program, we are living and walking the mission of Catholic education. And then in our community, this is an opportunity for everyone to be a part of the Becraft family, to invest in our community. And if we are not going to do it, who will?” 

Becraft Scholars recently enrolled its third cohort of students for the upcoming school year. The program offers a $5,000 scholarship to students each year through their K-8 journey. Additionally, the program works to build a culture of belonging for Becraft students in Catholic schools. 

“We know that when those kids complete eighth grade and go off to a Catholic high school and then go off to college, they are going to be a game-changer in our world,” said Alana. 

Listen to the full interview here in this podcast.