Mission Moment: St. Nicholas Catholic School

December 6, 2018

Last week Fulcrum Ambassadors, staff, and donors had the opportunity to attend a site visit at St. Nicholas Catholic School in Gig Harbor, Washington. The visit proved to be a true mission moment for everyone involved. We wanted to share with you a message sent to Fulcrum Coordinator of Leadership Development, Kelly Surapaneni, from Davin Reyes, Principal of St. Nicholas Catholic School.


I wanted to personally thank you for taking the time to visit St. Nicholas. Having you and the other ambassadors on our campus was such a joy for us! Please know we are working hard at St. Nicholas to uphold the values and virtues of a strong academic education rooted in our Catholic Faith.

Thank you also for the wonderful support that you have given me over the past couple of years. I would have never thought this time last year that I would be at St. Nicholas, but the Lord has seen me fit to be here and I am honored. Each and every day I am learning something new and I pray each day that I am worthy enough to lead this school. My faculty and staff are amazing and do such hard work every day to make our students feel loved and cared for while still challenging them to reach new heights!

Please continue to pray for us and know that you and your family are in ours!